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Default Convert your Chinese traffic with JavBucks!

Hi everybody!
Weíre pleased to announce Chinese Promo Tools!

I have fantastic news for those of you who has Chinese traffic and have not had good landing pages and Banners in Chinese so far. Now you can have it! Just login to your Javbucks account and go to promotional tools.

We go further and you can have both variants of Chinese Ė traditional and simplified.

Below you can find some interesting facts about the Chinese. This is for those of you how just start working with Chinese traffic.

In Taiwan and Hang-Kong they speak traditional Chinese. In mainland China they speak simplified Chinese. Taiwan and Hong-Kong people, somehow, canít read simplified Chinese while mainland China people, on the reverse, canít read traditional Chinese. I always used to think that it is completely other way round! ))

Some banner examples:

Landing pages:

Wish everybody good sales!
Good luck!
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