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Default Ever though about selling your Affiliate business?

I often get contact by other webmasters asking to buy my Asian network. But always having difficulties to calculate the correct selling price. A friend of mine told me to times the monthly profit 3 times thats the selling price, another partner said times 6 months. Anyone had experiences selling ur network?

When it comes to value assets, basically theres no asset in affiliate marketing, only the domain and traffic count as consideration, but unless the domain is a short few words rare extension, it probably doesn't worth alot. Traffic unless is subscription base with x amount of collect emails, if SEO then it didn't worth alot since its a frequent changing scenario.

What is ur point of view about selling affiliate business? how to evaluate a business model like that?
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It's worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it. In essence there are two important factors: 1. content and 2. backlinks.

Revenue can be a factor. For decent sites, I would pay 12 to 24 times the monthly revenue based on new sales (disregarding rebills in my calculation). However, not buying anything adult these days.
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