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TB Aya
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Default - one link to rule them all!

Hey everyone! I want to give you a heads up about our new ad unit the Direct Link!

This is an awesome way, you earn decent amount each day by sending traffic through direct link and get paid for every click to it.

You are not forced to any specific ad format, you can send the traffic in any way you want.

Pop it, link it to banners, plug it, link it to IM AD, link it to IN Video/In Picture ads,

Have a huge twitter or other social networks adult accounts!? Push it there!

You think of creative ways to push your direct link, each click brings you more dough!

Not a publisher yet?! go register HERE and let me know so I can get you approved asap.

If you need any kind of assistance, you can hit me up directly on Email, or Skype for live chat.

Thanks Boys & Girls.
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