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Exclamation some closing thoughts regarding TheButcher


Such a small matter it would've been for TheButcher to settle up fairly
with me, and honor his word to me about that small amount of money,
because not only was it what he agreed to, in fact, it was his own idea,
in the first place, when he was asking me to borrow this money, that he
said at the time was to go toward him buying an expensive domain, this
money I sent to him on Fri. Sept. 07 ($400) was NOT for an ad, I did send
him money in the amount of $300 on Sept. 01 for an ad, and have proof of that.

Instead of honoring his word to me by settling up fairly to the terms of the loan
of money that I gave to him that was his own idea as stated himself to pay me
back the very next day, AND in the specific amount of $500 which was his own
idea, rather than it being merely what he agreed to (I hadn't said $500 first myself),
what he did instead was stall, play games, make excuses, then becoming evasive
and even ignoring my fair attempts to contact him to settle up our unfinished business,
has as this present result of my being able to truthfully relate my experiences with him,
as having done this bad biz with me, that he has lied both to me, and about me regarding
this episode of a straightforward exchange that should have been no problem to finish up.

This all began between me and TheButcher on Friday September 7th,
when I trusted him in our ICQ chat, and I sent him $400 just because
he had asked me to borrow $400, and he would pay me back $500
the next day, Saturday September 8th, but I was very patient and I did,
in fact, give him the benefit of the doubt as to his intentions of paying me.

It was by no means at all, and by no stretch of the imagination, either,
that I had jumped the gun or judged him too quickly as doing bad biz.

I had talked to him a number of times during the rest of September,
both by ICQ instant messenger, and by way of emails I sent to him,
in my fair attempts at contacting him in order to get him to settle up.

And having a valid reason to contact someone on any unfinished business
is NOT harassing them, and it isn't any excuse for them to start ignoring you.

I started posting on the message boards and in forums about him in
truthfully relating my experiences with him as having done me wrong,
ON >>> October 11th, so I really waited and was fair and gave him
ample opportunity and more than enough chance to respond properly.

October 11 is when I started posting about him recently about this.

1. September 07, I sent him $400

2. excuses, etc....

3. September 18, I received $384.10

4. excuses turn to being evasive and just outright ignoring

5. it becomes clear he has no intention of paying me the rest.

6. OCTOBER 11. I began telling my story of him ruining our friendship and trust
because of his unwillingness to honor his word in paying the rest to me = $115.90

7. Then the games he plays turns to bashing me or lying about me
on his board in order to try to deflect the attention that I called him a liar,
sophisticated tactics, like calling me a liar for calling him a liar, and like that,
or alternatively as a way to try to get me to lay off because he is giving me flak.

8. It ought to be a sensibly expected consequence of lying to someone
that they will be able to say that you did lie to them and that you are a liar.

9. Lesson for TheButcher:
He dosen't like being called a liar. Stop lying to people. Don't lie.

10. >---> What now? What next?

It's just like what I said about TheButcher at the bottom of my web page
that I made just recently about him, because of this, that shows the emails:

"TheButcher just bans and ignores people who have valid issues with him he should address "

Lawrence Connor


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LC. Damn boy! You knew last year he was bad news. He banned you, bad mouthed you and more. Why the hell did you even consider giving him cash? As much as I hate to admit it, he stiffed me and some clients of mine once. Note I said once! I think he has dinged ou many times. The guy is slick, but slick is like snot. Crusts over leaving a nasty blob. Hell I got a tale of needing money once from him. Why? He was stuck in Paris and over spent at the Disney complex there and needed to get home to Montreal.

Green Guy and Jim called him, GFY did to. Hey bro, wake up. The biz folks know he and his "Great board" is fake, eat the loss and forget him. Dave is a grifter first class and you bit a few times. Just be careful who you trust and opt to call friend. Dave is not one (Unless you have cash to give away!). I called him once and he really blew it pissed I outed him. Search for the thread, it is here.

Now if you want to play on Foogie, let's play and not yelp about BS. You have many good folks here trying to make a buck and biz happen. Pay attention to that, not some ass that planned on screwing you from the get go. I really think Al and WG have been pretty patient letting you rant. That was nice. I would not push it further. Foogie is not an AA meet of sorts, but about biz. Join in there please.


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LOL i never read what this guy posts ....
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