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Originally Posted by Turk View Post
Heh, not any more:

He done been bagged... and in Thailand, too!
Yeah just saw that on the news. Glad they caught the Fucker.
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idiot didnt make it too hard to track him down luckily, i was just reading it... he shacked up with a tranny, whose friends all knew who he was, they traced the ts cellphone, voila, one nailed predator. Thank god they got the fucker. But the sad truth is they only catch the dumb ones. the only reason they even got this perv is that he was too stupid to remove his face from the incriminating pics. He just figured running a twirl filter on the face would be enough. The smart pedos are worse than this dude, but way smarter. But as a canadian i can definitely say thank god they got the bastard and i say put him in jail in thailand, see how that turns out.
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