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Default content?

The owner of the site wanted to sell it to me for $1000 US. I checked the site and saw that he has content from filipinacoeds and other sites I do not recognize. Anyone see any of their own stuff on his site? He told me he gets his content free online from forums. Which means, he just uses stolen asian content.
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He has a few sets that may or may not be ours. The pics are cropped so who knows where they were from originally.

$1000 seems a tad high...He has a bit of traffic but according to Alexa it is 60% Indonesian.

And seeing as he has all of his pics hosted from Imagefap...Well you could just build your own blog and link to the same pics lol...
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Hmmm, looks like 'user submitted' content that is hosted on third party sites like 'usercash'. I am pretty sure it is stolen and you have nothing in your hand to proof that models are 18+. There is an abundance of similar Indonesian paysites and blogs that offer the same concept. I wouldn't even link to them for ethical and/or legal concerns.

BTW, I recognize a couple of Manila and Angeles City hotels from the pictures. I guess they lifted the content from monger boards or newsgroups.
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why paying 1k$ for crappy looking site that even dont have pr? or am i lost smth and this domain is so precious from some unknown to me reasons?
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Yeah, I am not going to buy his site. It is ranked 30,000 on Alexa but so what? 93% of his traffic is from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and a few other places that don't spend money on porn.
I also recognize some of those hotels from Manila. Been there, done that.
Mother fucker asked me to give him $1,000 US for his site that has all stolen content. I asked him for docs to his content and he said,
"Yes, i'm selling the domain and content ...
All the contents without any documents, i get all of the contents by free, most are from asian amateur forum. With no rights at all, which is distribute freely over the internet.

Any sale of the blog would have to include all content, but for earn money,you may continue using your own code, i use avnads,xxxwebtraffic,exoclick,usercash,easy-share to monetize this free adult blog"

I would love to take this arrogant mother fucker down. Cock sucking little ass fucking piece of shit.
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