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Default - best adult traffic program to buy, sell and trade adult traffic

Adult Traffic is now being searched, attracted attention by advertisers, specialy in the field of e-commerce all over the world.

With over 10 years experience in the field Adult Advertising Network, AdPanel is always strive to become the best place to buy, sell and trade adult traffic. We offer various forms of advertising with rich options to increase CPC and CPM rates to the maximum extent.

Our Traffic:

We offer several ways for advertisers to promote their products. Below is a short introduction to the types of traffic we offer. The first you must create Ad template for buy campaign and banner ad to easy.


Buy Banner

Buy advertising in the position display on the website with adult content. With the options which be provided by AdPanel as size, image , ... help you to attract lots of adult traffics easily.

Hint: Create a banner advertising which is good match with the content on your chosen website, it will be attracting a lot of visitors. Example: You buy advertising on the website under the category "animal sex movies". Create a banner like this it would be more effectively.

Buy Campaign

You can buy Adult Traffic in CPC campaign with very lowest cost just $ 0001 / click. AdPanel provides plus options to help you target the subject that base on geographic location and user behavior.

Buy Popup

CPM advertisings of AdPanel is optimized to help you can achieve the highest click . with the cost is only $ 0.1 / 1000 popup

Buy Mobile ADS

Advertising on mobile devices will not make uncomfortable to the viewers and achieve highly effective in adult mobile traffic from many countries in around the world.

Buy Mobile Redirect

Redirect to your website automatically if it identifies the client who is entering by the mobile device. High efficiency to buy adult traffic with this method for products on the Android and iOS apps.
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