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Default Yemelina

This tall, Russian girl is burning up. We’re getting so many queries about Yemelina with her huge, pendulous, milky white boobs that beg to be grabbed and kissed, and her full, shapely thighs that make every man who sees her want to be wrapped tight between them.

Another thing Yemelina has going for her is an unusual, gamine face. The V-shaped bone structure and bee-stung lips suggests an intense sexuality that is simmering just under the surface.

Yemelina is a tall, sexy and confident woman who speaks English fluently. She’s smart too, which is why she says she wants to choose her man carefully.

Love what you’re seeing and wish she was yours? Go on then, put her in your shopping cart and let’s see what Yemelina has to say about going home with you…

Who knows, she may just say yes!
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