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Default TPE doll smell size and safety issues

It is often asked whether the smell of a sex doll is toxic. Is it harmful to the human body? According to the 7 years of experience in the TPE materials related to human body dolls, the reader can interpret the smell of human dolls and whether there is any harm from the professional point of view.
A variety of factors have led to increasingly different types of people's pursuit of fun life in today's society. An obvious example is that human body dolls have become more and more popular in the domestic and international sex toys market in recent years. The material for productive dolls, originally made of silicone, is also useful for PVC. Based on cost, processing and recycling considerations, people have gradually reduced the use of silica gel; soft PVC has faded out of the human doll market due to its high odor and possibly containing toxic plasticizers. At present, the most commonly used sex dolls are TPE as material. This article mainly discusses the smell of TPE material body dolls and whether it is harmful to the human body.

*Let's first take a look at what TPE is used for human dolls.
The human body raw material TPE is a kind of polymer rubber material which is soft in hardness and resembles the touch of human skin. It is a multi-component material blending material. It mainly contains thermoplastic styrene-butadiene elastomer and operating oil. In order to achieve a realistic effect close to the human body, some toner, compatibilizer and flavor substances are usually introduced to adjust the color and odor of the material.
With regard to the main components of human body materials, thermoplastic styrene-butadiene elastomer and process oil, those familiar with the TPE industry must be aware that these components are environmentally friendly, do not contain phthalate plasticizers, and do not contain PAHs. It does not contain NP, does not contain bisphenol A, does not contain heavy metal substances, and is not allergenic to human skin.
About the choice of toner for the material. This is generally no problem, the human body doll is only in contact with the human body, and can be achieved by using non-toxic and tasteless toner.
Another thing to mention is the addition of flavors. The addition of flavors is mainly to eliminate the taste of the material itself, while creating an atmosphere of fun activities. The essence is divided into natural flavors and synthetic flavors. Natural flavors are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but at a higher cost. Artificial flavors may be more concentrated, but because they are mostly chemically synthesized, there is no side effect or harm to the human body.
Then talk about the odor toxicity and harm to the human body of TPE human dolls. This is related to the choice of raw material ingredients for human body doll manufacturers. Choose good operating oil, good coloring agent, natural flavor, processed sex doll, natural smell is small, the smell smells comfortable. However, if poor quality oil, poor quality toner, artificial flavor and other materials are used, the finished doll product generally has a large smell and a heavy fragrance.
The size of a sexual doll depends on the flavor and the choice of operating oil. Dolls made from high quality oils and natural flavors are naturally non-toxic and safe. However, some dolls made of inferior oil and poor quality artificial flavors are raw materials, the smell is large, the quality is not guaranteed, and the long-term use is harmful to the human body.
The TPE of human skin hardness has the smell of operating oil. If the quality of the selected oil is poor, the smell is more obvious. Some inferior operating oils even have the unpleasant taste of diesel.
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