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Ghost Cash
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Default Looking for studio or freelance producer to produce uncensored amateur porn videos.

Looking for studio or freelance producer to produce uncensored amateur porn videos.

Scenes are to appear real with hidden-style, fixed, 3 camera setup.

* 1 camera in corner of room
* 1 camera eye-level of bed/sofa
* 1 camera eye-level in front of bed/sofa

Actress must be Asian looking, 18-30yo, and dress to imitate a Japanese girl. (speak little Japanese is best)
Actor can be Asian (preferred), Black (2nd preference), or White

Scene should be filmed inside a room that gives the appearance of a dorm or actual living space. No professional studio. We want it to look like a real guy having sex with a real Japanese girl in real living quarters. The room can be messy. The room can be cluttered.

The video recorders all start recording at the same time. Then actors can enter the room and have casual sex until climax. No handling of camera equipment.

The climax should be a creampie, however, other pop-shots will be accepted.

The scene should be shot in HD and range from 40-60 minutes long.

Exclusive rights to content. Price is negotiable. Please contact if you are interested. tony (attt) ghostpro (dotcom)

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Great opportunity for someone living outside Japan.

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Can't help you with the uncensored part (probably), but I may be able to introduce you to studios who already shoot that kind of content and could possibly do side work if the money is right.

Please contact me using ZENRA's contact form.
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