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Default Why are the same sex doll photos, but the price is different?

If you want to buy sex dolls, you will shop around, which creates a phenomenon. The same photos, the price is different.
Some prices are between 2000-3000 US dollars, some even only a few hundred dollars, too expensive and not so much money, too cheap and can not buy, afraid of quality is not good.
In fact, you have to look at what material is used in this store. If it is silicone, it will be more expensive, because silicone is better for shaping details such as fingerprints.
Like the TPE material itself costs less than silicone, so the price will be lower. Why are you expensive? That's because they don't have their own factories, rely on other manufacturers' manufacturers, and make a difference, and some have their own factories, so the cost of a series will be much lower, so you must ask when you buy, why do you have a home? The price of the doll is so high or so low. Of course, it is still worthwhile to choose a formal business.
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Please post some sex doll photos. I know there are some webcam sites that specialize in them.
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