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Default Lifelike sex doll ... you know it?

When did you know it? Where did you see it? Have you used it? Do you have a desire to buy?
If you don't know anything, then I will tell you what is a lifelike doll.
1. Using silicone or TPE material, the appearance looks no different from real people, and it feels softer and smoother.
2. Contains a metal skeleton, each joint can be flexibly moved, and you can put out the posture you want.
3. Sex dolls that can be uttered, when they have sex with her, can give a real female lick (some sex dolls are not available)
4. There are several metal skeletons on the feet of the standing dolls because the protective dolls are not damaged by the skeleton, and the higher the height, the heavier the weight. (There are also sex dolls that cannot stand)
5. The movable vagina will be more convenient to clean after use. The vaginal body can be removed and cleaned without detachable sex dolls. When cleaning, the water stains inside should be wiped clean, otherwise, the water will make the metal skeleton rust.
If you still want to know, please click here: ulovesexdoll
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