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Default Hello Kitty Vibrator ?

Not Sure if you seen this yet
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Default yes!!

now i know what i'm going to get that special somone in my life!!!
sells a real large hello kitty virbrator along with that small finger vibe everyone has seen!


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I've seen it before...good idea for a video shoot...before the real hardcore stuff starts at least.
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Asian Jenny
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lol, I have that It is cute and all that, but as a vibe it sucks I would like it better if the other end was the vibrating end. Hello Kitty's head is the vibrating part. There is just something odd about putting Hello Kitty's face in you kook to get off
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Old 10-22-2018, 12:13 PM   #5
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I can only speak for one device which I have used and that is the Lelo Hugo prostate vibrator I posted a review in the toys for men section if you want to read more about the toy there. But this toy does come with a remote which enables you to cycle through 6 pre-programed vibration settings and you can adjust the intensity up or down on each one. It also has the ability to tilt the remote from horizontal to vertical and that is an additional way to adjust the vibration intensity.

This is the first wireless remote toy I have ever had and I would have to say it is quite good. The overall quality of the toy is quite good. I am a fan of this concept because it leaves your hands free to do other things and of course your partner can take control of the remote making this a very fun toy.

Before I got this toy I thought these types of remote control devices were over priced and not worth it. But after having used one, it definitely is far superior to all the regular toys that have a manual switch.

If the quality of the toy and remote are good, its worth spending the extra dollars on.
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