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Default Interdollars - POSSIBLE SCAM

Folks, Just a heads up, I sent an e-mail to Peter, the owner of Interdollars, asking him why my rebills automatically disappeared in December. I was making around $1000 a month, and the latest 15 day period I made $48. My e-mail to him is the first part, and the second part is his response.

Here was the e-mail exchange:


I find it hard to believe that I went from nearly $450 per pay period to under $50. This is not consistent as my other affiliate income has remained consistent if not improved during this same time.

This drop off in income is associate with the addition of your new site I would like a copy of my affiliate account purchases, including member id for the last year, and their new and recurring purchases. Camdough allows me to see this information. I'm concerned that since the addition of Asian Sex Cams, existing affiliate accounts have been deleted and those accounts moved to new accounts that do not pay me any affiliate income.

There is no reason for my sales numbers to drop off so quickly and so dramatically like this, without there being some kind of human interference in the process.

I'd like your response.



Unfortunately, you and most affiliates are not very good at sending joins. What you are good at is finding existing affiliates and in effect steal them from other affiliates. Seems someone is better at this. I am looking into locking affiliates to the affiliate they signed up under but looking at your traffic I doubt this will help you as it seems mostly steals as it is with many other affiliates. To be fair many other affiliates doing same.

It doesn't help you and having affiliates churn members doesn't help me. Send joins is my best advice. We look at members and some are tagged several times and frankly it has to stop. I want to pay the affiliate brings the member in not the one uses a slightly different domain to grab another's member.

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Tks. Brent. Interesting read.

Puzzled how this would be possible without hacking or exploiting a system since the parties would need to know where to find existing members to steal from. And how would they find almost ALL rebills of ALL your members at exactly the same time? Other affiliates have experienced the same issue at the same time. It's a massive scale.

In the meantime I am thinking: Why send new joins when rebills can be stolen? It does not make a good argument for sending valuable traffic as an affiliate if 5 bucks for a new join is all that can be generated in revenue.

I wish Interdollars can sort out their problems and find the culprit for this massive issue.
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Default Bugs

1) While the home page ( has a "Contact" link on the menu link bar, that link does not appear on any of the sub-pages.

2) The contact email ( for bounces due to a typo

AND the "" bounces
due to I-have-no-idea

You might want to fix these problems...
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Default Update

After a couple heated e-mail exchanges, Peter did e-mail me back and tell me he was going to look into the sudden drop off in sales, when he got back from the Philippines. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if he can give me a suitable explanation for the drop in sales.

In the meantime, I've pulled most of my major links to his sites, and forwarding them to my white label with
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What was the verdict Brent? I had this happen to me years ago and never heard back or why it was.
Any news?
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interdollars, scam, stealing affiliate sales

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