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Exclamation Piracy Targeting MongerCash Sites (same site, reincarnated on 20 different domains over the past year; this one will surely be changed to a new domain once we have it out of our Google search results)

This has been a nasty thorn in our sides for over a year now. There have been short-lived little victories over that time. Getting them removed from the Google searches for our brand names, getting one host or cloudflare to give us some info, getting the streaming file links removed from google video player or the host, even getting a lawyer to file suit and having subpoenas sent to his registar, hosts, etc, and on and on. But this person continues to want to play the game. Immediately changing domains and hosts, gaming Google with all kinds of crap backlinks and so on.

The level of dedication and focus almost entirely on us indicates the possibility of it being something personal. A scorned affiliate or direct competitor. We have our suspicions, I can tell you that much.

If you're reading this, just know we'll never stop fighting you and looking for you. God help you if we ever do find you. Either way, we will win in the end.

(In the meantime, Fuck You.)
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