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Default Tube Sites Submitter database update info!

Dear users,

Chameleon Submitter Team proudly maintains top traffic solution tools with regularly updated Databases.

We are happy to realize that our software is the only one of its kind out there on the market as each Chameleon product has its own database of sites, that is being reviewed, added, edited, and removed by hand on a daily basis.

TODAY APRIL-04-2018; the following updates have been completed:

- Tube sites update in Tube Sites Submitter
( )

- TGP/MGP sites update in Chameleon Submitter
( ).

- Database update of Chameleon Partner Account Requester
( ).

- Link Lists sites update in Chameleon Link List Submitter
( )

You can now update all databases at your end by selecting Update from
the Database Menu (Database > Update) inside each software.

Best regards,

Chameleon Submitter Team

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