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Default Looking for Affiliate Managers

Hey guys,

We are a small affiliate program specialized in Bitcoin and Personal Development info products.
We are looking for one or 2 affiliates managers.
We are not a CPA network, we own our offers and manage our own billing.

The gig is commission based only, i know it's not great BUT we offer the best commission any affiliate manager will ever get : we will pay you a 20% of all business you refer. LIFETIME.

The affiliate you refer gets 50%, you get 20%, our processing costs are 12% and we eventually get 18%.

So you are basically getting MORE $$$ than we do!!! Not to mention we pay for hosting, content, etc...

If you have a nice portofolio of large affiliate that you can bring to us, you'll make money in no time.
And you are being paid by our 3rd party credit card processor directly (ccbill), which means no shaving and no payment stops for no reason. Lifetime 20% plain and simple

We are looking for people who are motivated, able to focus and dedicated. Also if you plan on doing this for 2 days then disappear, it's probably not the right gig for you. We are looking for people interested in long term collaboration

Interested ? Feel free to contact me here by PM and/or leave an email i can reach you at.
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