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Yes Ramtar, I have a number of affiliates with Method Cash, but they are not the only one. But, you have to remember I also work for Method Cash as a consultant too. (It is not all counting cash) That is a another form of income to explore. Work with and for the sponsors. (Lesson 102 in WM referrals) In the past 9 years I have worked with many programs, some good, some bad. Method Cash is by far the best I have ever encountered. Fair from the signup. Rick is cute too!

I think the trick, if you want to call it that, is working with sponsors. Gain their trust, help them out. You have to give to get. Pushing galleries will make you some decent bucks, but dealing directly with the source is a far better option. Expand your horizons, it WILL pay off. Trust me, I know it and thank those that have given me a breaks doing what I do best.(Thanx Rick!)

The deal in this biz is to work with the other guys, even if they are a competetor. An old pharse says,"Keep your friends close, but your competitors closer!" It is a fact. They may turn out to be your best ally.


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There is only one website that I refer that makes me money; about $200 a week.

Which makes me believe that all the other sites are shaving. And, yes, it should be quite easy for a site owner to shave a ccbill or paycom site.

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ALOTI also post more than anybody here. His sig is getting much more exposure.
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