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Default Facebook Asshat Marketing

Ok, some time ago I wrote about Asshat SEO and nobody really cared. So today I write about Asshat Facebook Marketing, a method used by spammers on social networks.

1) Build a fake profile and get as many friends as possible. Aim for lonely wankers, they will accept your request if you pretend to be a sexy nursing student.

2) Take a picture of a piece of dog's stool off of the street

3) Post this picture to your Facebook and tag all your new friends to that picture and post 3 or 4 affiliate links right below that image. Your friends will all receive an email from FB saying 'You were tagged on Asshat's dog stool picture". They will open their FB and click on your affiliate link because they want to get away from that bad smelling piece of dog shit with their name on it.

FB can't even boot you for pornography, because dog shit ain't that bad after all.

Post here once you pick it up :-)
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