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Originally Posted by BarGirlCash View Post
Telling a family member or a friend infers that you are also telling their spouse the same thing. For example, you tell your brother what you do for a living. He tells his wife, and his wife cuts you to pieces in front of their kids and other family members. Same thing goes for telling your best buddies. They tell their wives, and the next thing you know, their wife is telling them "Stay away from that guy. He's a pornographer."

It's amazing how being honest about this business can truly get you fucked.

My suggestion, tell no one what you do. Lie your ass off. Tell them you're an internet consultant and that's it. Software, php scripts, mysql databases - blah blah blah - anything but the truth.

Well I guess I got lucky then. It was my best friends wife's idea for me to fuck girls on video in the first place. My sibling and siblings spouse I don't think talk about it much to each other... church going types. My mother on the other hand is always curious how the financial side of it is doing for me. My grandmother is a riot... she always says "Well, you know your Uncle's friend Dick (his name... no pun intended) in the UK made a fortune in porn!"

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It really depends on where you are and 'how' you do your job. I know for a fact that people from adult biz are well respected in Europe and South America. If you meet up with friends and they get to know your biz chances are they will be full of admiration. If you have flashy sites with great looking girls, they will wish to be like you. However, if they know a guy is a lawyer they will most likely treat him like the lowest life form on the planet.
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When I first got my PC and upgraded to a T1 connection, the wife told me that I had better make it pay for itself. After trying a few "Legitamate" webmaster programs and not getting much of a return on investment, I stumbled across Uh-oh and Asianthumbs and made a few galleries. At first my better half would berate me for just Porning Out. Next thing I knew I was actually making some real money. Then she was like, "What are you doing watching TV? I need some new shoes. Get busy online and make some more porn!" The cat was pretty much out of the bag when one day Junior wore my "MILF Hunter, Your Mom could be Next" shirt to school and I got a call from the highschool counselor that it was not approprate attire for students and that Junior would be given detention next time he wore a MILF shirt to class.
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That's a funny story about that t-shirt. Yep, when money comes in family usually won't complain.
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I tell them there's no money in porn.
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I told them i'm a photographer. But not the details.
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