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Default Kacey Jordan - Tried to Commit Suicide

Another Charlie Sheen casualty. It's a tough business and we should remind ourselves that these same porn stars do the unthinkable that allows us to make money. Hope she recovers from all of this.
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Poor kid. I'm not into all the sides of the story, but Charlie should get a grip anyway.
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it's really sad too that in what they do by sharing the most divine thing we as humans can do... their sexuality... the ones making the money from their sharing their sexuality come along only to belittle them constantly... calling them whores, prostitutes, cheap little objects for pleasure only... no wonder why girls burn out. Too many in the business only care about sales... and don't pay attention to the fact that everything they say to make a sale may be read by the girl, further chipping away at her self esteem.

I hope someday we can learn to celebrate our sexuality and treat these women with more respect. Sure it's fine to talk dirty about deeds... but when we start to take pot shots at the models themselves, then no one should be surprised when they act out to show the world their pain.

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