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Originally Posted by RJCASTLE View Post

If you have HD content, let's make blu-ray.
Just my 2 cents, don't make blue ray. Everyone is losing their ass on blue ray and most who have tried it are backing out of it or have already backed out of it. The cost is greater and the return is smaller. The demand never hit for it the way they wanted.

If you are going to make DVDs, stick with the old school standard way of making them. You will make more proft.

Also, push the replicator for smaller runs. Runs of 1000 - 2000 TOPS. Most companies are not running off more than that these days unless they are very, very big companies. Don't even think about runs of 3000 - 5000 anymore. You can order more later when you sell out of your first run and it will be cheaper. Printers are giving a small break but they still have their heads up their ass for the most part.
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