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04-13-2007, 04:31 PM
Hello, everyone!


After months of hard work we are now proud to present a real B O M B, a killer revenue sharing program offering security software - XBSCASH (http://xbscash.com).

With more than 2 years of market experience we KNOW HOW TO MAKE OUR SOFTWARE SELL, and when we say sell, we mean sell better than others.



- The best selling security products:


- We pay from $20 upwards from each sale (DO NOT even think about shaving!)

- You get 10% from each sale of another affiliate you refer to our program

- Detailed REAL TIME statistics in user-friendly webmaster area

- Tons of promo materials for any traffic. Send your traffic to us and enjoy the ratios!

- Regular payments every 2 weeks with NO HOLD. Select your type of payment among:
Epassporte, PayPal, Fethard, WebMoney, Egold, US corporate check, Wire Transfer.

- We have OUR OWN merchant accounts with excellent card transparency and 72 hours funding in most cases.

- We add 2 brand new products every month to make your sales stats look even better.

- Reseller opportunities for those who want to sell our products OR create custom products based on our engine.

With this option you can sell YOUR OWN software through our merchant account, where we take care of payment processing and customer support. You can have your own product design, custom payment form (no redirects to “billing page”), and get $25+ from every sale you generate.

- Friendly support always there to assist you or just to make sure your mood is good.

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XBSCASH (http://xbscash.com) means universal solutions FOR ANY TRAFFIC! :)