View Full Version : i'll have my AVS site for free.

07-11-2002, 07:57 PM
Well, with a bit of luck i'll have my AVS site for free in a couple months.

While talking to other adult webmasters someone told me of a prize winning site that gives away free adult content and web design.

All you have to do is play their games and win some "coins". Then you can redeem your coins for services like $500 worth free content and web design.
You can also win instant prizes.

I myself didn't win anything yet (been playing for about a week) but i've talked with guys that already won severall times content and web design.

You can also referr other webmasters and you will also win if they do.

I actually think it's a great way of developing your income while enjoying yourself.

The URL is:

If you don't like to sign up under me (i'd trully apreciatte if you did) here's the regular link:

Thanks and good luck all,