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03-04-2003, 02:41 PM
QthumbX.com now has a new submission system: When you choose to submit galleries to QthumbX, you get a *free* account. With our built-in sumbission-system, you can now submit your galleries, keep track of their important stats (hits, online time, etc.), and delete old galleries yourself.
Take control of your own galleries today! Sign up for a completely *free* "auto-submit" account on QthumbX.com.

Check here for details:

Traffic will be low at first; you'll need more than a few galleries online to amass a decent # of hits, (50+ galleries will give you a 30.000 hits a day, on average). On the other hand, we promise a good conversion rate; QthumbX is a high-quality freesite, and our traffic is high-quality as well.

Feel free to post any questions here, and we will answer asap.