View Full Version : 50% Off Content Sale Almost Over!!!

02-25-2003, 10:34 PM
50% Off Content Sale Almost Over!!!

Our huge "Select and Save" 50% off sale is coming to a close! You'll only have a few more days to save half off all orders of 50 photosets, video clips and/or stories!!! Also... the Ready-Made CDs are STILL only 25 cents an image!!! Time is running out so you'd better jump on this quick! Sale ends on February 28th!

We've added some hot new content to Ounique.com. Over 7,000 images!!! We've got 99 all NEW Straight Sets featuring the kind of cutting edge content you've come to expect from Ounique. You'll find photos featuring: Keyhole/Voyeur, Redhead, Asian, Smoking and Drinking, Lesbian, Plushy (Stuffed Animal Fetish), Sports Jersey, Military, Bathtub, Bondage, Rubber Workout Ball, Balloons, Food Fetish, Pregnant and much more!

As for our 25 NEW Gay Sets, you'll find: Rimming, Jacking Off and Cum Shots, Barebacking, Black Guys, Shaving Ass, Stripping, Lycra Shorts, Young Guys, Penis Pump, Military and Bondage.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at sales@ounique.com, or just hit "Real Person" on our website (http://www.ounique.com) to chat with me live during office hours. I'm also on ICQ #137899310. Take care. :)

Don Mike
Ounique, Inc.