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01-31-2003, 04:20 AM
YES! It's time for our Annual BEST OF 2002 Show!!

Starting at a special time to allow room for more best of audio clips. 3pm Eastern and 12noon Pacific TDavid will begin broadcasting his best of 2002 show. 2002 featured lots of great guests from the Adult Online Industry as well as the rest of the internet. Guests like Fantasyman of CECash, Greenguy of link-o-rama and Tommy from Tommy's Bookmarks are sure to be featured prominently on the 2002 best of show.

Come vote in our special contest "What does c-munk look like?" and participate in all the other special events for this occasion. Visitors to our chat room will be eligible for special games and PRIZES. Our best of shows DO NOT get archived so if you miss it, then you've missed it.

Dont miss it!!

radio feed:



02-06-2003, 03:09 PM
Radio show #131 - TDavid will broadcast this Friday and every Friday at 5pm easter (2pm pacific).

This week we'll analyze some of the fee based and free services that exist to help adult webmasters get their jobs done more effectively.

During our show, the chats are also filled with helpful webmasters from knowledgeable to novice so come get your scripting questions answered or just joke around with the crew and enjoy the show.

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