View Full Version : NEW TGP Panty Legs (www.pantylegs.com)

01-06-2003, 04:46 AM
Hi guys and girls!

Well this is corbu with empirekink.com & cherry asia

I have a new TGP!

I will not be issueing partner accounts just yet!
in a few weeks i will but for now if you have galleries relating to
stockings, feet, panyhose, heel, panties

Submit them here
Submit now as i am accumulating enough galleries to cover the
first few weeks right now. any galleries you submitted to empire
kink have already been added to the database so dont bother
submitting old galleries.


I will go live in a few days

This is the new tgp, still working on it!

If you have questions let me know and contact me at

if you would like to trade traffic with our new tgp send me email
as well


corbu :D