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02-17-2006, 01:20 PM
Hi everybody

We have launched 2 brand new adult blog directories: AdultBlo.gs (http://adultblo.gs/) & SexBlogsWorld.com (http://sexblogsworld.com/)

Wa have bought a few high-PR text links to them, so after a PR update the PR on our sites will improve. We also send there some traffic from our sites.

If you're working with blogs, we'd be glad to see your blogs in our directories

AdultBlo.gs (http://adultblo.gs/)
Submit Page (http://adultblo.gs/submit.html)

SexBlogsWorld.com (http://sexblogsworld.com/)
Submit Page (http://sexblogsworld.com/submit.html)

Thanks ;)

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