View Full Version : haha, I fixed it!! WOOOHOOO!!!

02-04-2006, 10:53 PM
I don't have problem with the translators F'ing my site up anymore.. Now if only the translator would correctly render particular characters instead if displaying the unicode hex value,,, but I can live with it, seems to only affect a couple of words. Like the word download, a character to create the whole, shows up as 12489, & one of the heximal codes isnt able to be translated & shows as 540? But I was mainly pissed about how the site was being displayed & how the translators F'd it up, So, I've spent several hours recoding my site, & I am now a happy camper. Seems that the source of the problem may have been in my meta tags. In my meta, I had rendered japanese text. When the translators read the page, I believe it assumed shift-jis, & then showed page in shift-jis, which fucked it all up. I removed the rendered text & replaced it with unicode hexidecimal & whole problem solved.. No display problems, and hey, solved the problem of the japanese text being translated into numbers too. Now the translators show the page in utf-8, like it's supposed to. All because of characters in the meta, lol..