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01-25-2006, 11:08 PM
We have just launched our new adult web directory called DEMSUM.com

It is a human edited directory geared at consumers. We have also included an adult webmaster section of course.

Just find your category and submit your site for free. You can submit your site to as many categories as you like as long as they are relevant to your site.

We are currently working on the suggest category tool so if you need a category added hit me up here or email me from the email on the site.

Please let me know any suggestions or comments you have.

Thanks in advance!!!

02-02-2006, 12:19 AM
Thanks to everyone that has submitted

You can still submit for free.

We are currently working on some free things for consumers to do on the site that will help grow the site and traffic...

02-07-2006, 12:52 AM
We now have the sponsored listing feature at www.demsum.com in place

This will be a paid service for 100.00 per year. You can find more information here if you like: http://www.demsum.com/advertise.php

**** As a kick off promotion for the sponsored listings we want to give some of them away for free. Well nothing is free I guess...

We are going to give one free sponsored listing away in each category.
You must be submitted and approved for that category already to compete for it.
If you are not simply go there now and submit your site. If all is good we will approve it and you are clear.

We will give 1 site owner in each category a sponsored spot if they will give one of our demsum.com banners, text link or some form of exposure on their site (ie blog article etc.)

Your sponsored listing is good for one year and we would ask that you keep our banner or text link you use to win up for that period of time.

The sponsored position will be awarded to the site owner that gives us the best exposure for the sites that compete in that category.

Lets say 2 sites are competing for the sponsored spot in the Free Porn >> Blow Jobs category.

Site 1: puts a demsum banner at the top of a decent page on the site
Site 2: puts a text link at the bottom of the terms of service page.

Site 2 will probably win... This will be totally subjective on our part so you may not understand why we award who we do.


Why you should do this:

The marketing is starting to launch for demsum so the traffic is on the rise.
This will mean that the sponsored results will get activity over the year they are up.

Plus you will retain your listing in the free area also.

Also if no one comes to that category and pays for a top spot we will leave you in there.
This means your listing could be there way more than a year.


To submit your entry simply post it here:

You will need to post:
The URL for us to look at where you have added us.
(this needs to be on the same site that is on demsum.com that is how we will find you)

The URL of the demsum.com category you are competing for.
(example: http://www.demsum.com/58/Anal/)

If you win we will email you and tell you from the email you submitted with your listing. No need to post it here.


Everyone has until Feb. 28th at midnight to enter.


You can post your questions here also.

I know some of you have highly designed paid sites that really do not lend themselves to some random banner or text link. This will be considered in regards to where you place us. I will say the sponsored spot will be worth it.


Thank you and good luck.

If you have ideas on how we can do this better let me know.

As always and with everything we are open to your thoughts.

02-20-2006, 08:49 PM
Next person to submit a site to www.demsum.com that found us on Foogie will get a sponsored listing in one of their categories

just post here to tell me your site name

02-23-2006, 10:52 PM
hi all....

To everyone that has submitted a site to demsum.com if you do not like your thumbnail or have a coming soon image you can now send us a thumb and we will update it on the site for you.

We were using Alexa to pull in the thumbs but that has problems. Not everyone is listed there and Alexa will have your index page and for most of you that is just a disclaimer page. We think you will get more clicks if the thumb is of your main page.

We are adding an upload to the submit page so people can give us their thumbs when they submit.

1. It needs to be of your main page of the site. not a banner
2. not animaged
3. 111x82px
4. jpeg
5. 5000 bytes or less

if you would like us to update yours please just email it to listings@demsum.com
with your URL

if you want to find your site easily on demsum just search for your URL in sites main search.