View Full Version : Uncle Wang is Open For Submitters

Doug E
11-24-2005, 12:19 AM
My dumb ass just learned to install a tgp script and will now be doing daily updates.

Anybody who submitted to me before please sign up here http://www.pornobobslinks.com/vanilla/ . Leave a comment saying who you are and if you submitted before.

New submitters are welcome, same thing, apply here http://www.pornobobslinks.com/vanilla/ . New guys will be heavily scrutinised due to the rampant amount of spammers and wannabe cheaters I had trying to submit before.

If you're from foogie please let me know :)

http://www.unclewangs.com/main.html is the tgp, and is only accepting softcore Asian photos. I will be setting up my new sites with my script and will be taking hardcore pics and soft and hard photos in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone who submitted to me before. I have the galleries I hadnt posted in rotation now and will leave them there to make up for my feet dragging.

11-24-2005, 11:54 PM
If you need FHGs, here you can find over 1000 very sweet ones
you also can rotate as much as you want of them daily, with placing just a link
gallery to paysite CTR, 5-10%
paysite conversion ratio, 1:250 - 1:500 depending on the day