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11-17-2005, 09:30 AM
What do you think is going to happen to the submitters in the near future.
Seems like they are getting weeded out everywhere . I mean almost every program offers hosted galleries , programs are giving custom exclusive galleries to tgp owners , programs are submitting galleries to the tgps.

Question # 2
Do you think free traffic is going to slowly going to fade . I mean with everybody selling gallery spots , partner accounts , there's not much to work with now. Free partner accounts almost cease to exist .
What is the next step for gallery submitters and free traffic sources ? :idea:

11-17-2005, 10:02 AM
my 2c:
1. fhg's are boring if you want cash you need to make your own layouts. but i agree program owners spil webamsters same way tgp spil surfers :)
2. it's take a time to make your tgp as good that you can demand cash for gallery spots it probably never happen cause there will be always new small tgps with free gallery submitting option and as Ramtar always says "even 100 clicks are good enough" so even small tgp is worthy to submit.

11-17-2005, 01:46 PM
The future for gallery submitters is pay for partner accounts. I was subscribed in a gallery submission system some months ago. The traffic was excellent, clean no skim and excellent price. The best of all: garranty listing in 5 minutes after the submission.

In my opinion this is the best way to go, you pay your small fee and you receive excellent traffic. At the same time this drastically reduce the number of cheaters, cheaters don't want to pay, only steal.

Regarding the FHGs, yeah as WG says there are so many programs that provide so many FHGs that you may think as a TGP owner : why do I need submiters? Well the problem of FHGs is that templates became overexpoused, one thing I have noticed in most programs is that they provide, 100's of FHGs but use only 5 templates. The worse part is when they repeat the content sets several times, so at the end from that 100 FHGs you really have something like 20 uniques and repeated templates.

That's why tgp owners always need submitters. Submitters make their own original templates. That helps tgp sites to became more popular and unique.

Another fact that makes imposible submitters to disapear is that, some of them use their own content. Some make their own pay sites or avs sites using exclusive content and build the respective galleries with it. Tgp owners prefere list first the galleries that have exclusive or semiexclusive content and then the ones with sponsor content or noneclusive content.

11-18-2005, 03:58 AM
you should just link to the other thread, webgurl.. :wink:

regarding FHG's, they've come a LONG way... 2-3 years ago there weren't many sponsor offering FHG's.. and the ones that did were breaking rules, had excessive ads, popping up consoles, etc, etc..

now, you wouldn't dream of opening up a sponsor program without any FHG's.. and they've evolved.. most have started listening and complying with rules.. some sponsors will create custom templates for you.. and some will even submit them to your freesite daily with your linkcode! all this in only 2 years... where do you think we'll be in 2 more?

some of the biggest traffic networks no longer accept ANY submissions.. (ie they survive entirely off FHG's).. this is a disturbing development for the average submitter..

regarding small sites, here's a couple of considerations... 1) many small sites just steal links off big sites.. 2) you need to consider ROI.. if it takes you 1-2 hours to make and submit a gallery to 300 little sites every day, just to get 20k hits/day.. you might make what, a sale every 2-3 days?