View Full Version : xXxLinked.com now open, just launched today

10-30-2005, 11:40 AM
Hello everyone, we just launched www.xXxLinked.com and are inviting everyone to join our site and submit 1 or all of your sites to our trades directory for free, since we are brand new it is currently free, anyone who signs up now will get a lifetime free membership to do as many trades as you wish and to submit as many of your sites to the directory for trading.

Also since we are new we are still adding alot of useful features to the site. and since we are new dont expect to get very many trade requests right away, the main bonus for signing up now is that it is free and will remain that way for you, but we assure you if you do sign up in the future you will gain posibly 1000's of link trades with your site.

The site has many many trade categories for almost every adult and non adult niche or market, so come on in and start adding all of your sites to the directory.

We would also like to extend a invitation to the admin of foogie to submit there site to the "Webmaster Related Trades" directory in the sub category section labeled "message boards" and i have a pr5 message board i would like to trade a link with you if you are interested.

Many cheers everyone and i look forward to getting to know many of you. Also im looking forward to getting 100 posts and getting a foogie t-shirt :)