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08-14-2005, 11:00 AM
This script is intended for automated grab and placement of the most recently popular keywords into metadata of your site. Thus rising up relevance of your site in search engine systems and Page Rank in Google.

This system is fully automated. Once adjusted for the grab from the most popular keywords ratings the system will save the keywords over and over again in your DB independently, according to the main settings.

The list of script functions:

1. Advanced settings for grabbing pages from any keywords demonstrations (For example, with www.wordtracker.com).
2. Grabbing period: every day or once a week.
3. Grabbing types: from URL or text file.
4. Automatic or manual setting for grabbing.
5. Getting e-mail message containing information about automatic site grabbing.
6. Setting maximum number of symbols or keywords to be shown on one page.
7. The "Useless keywords" filter.
8. The HTML garbage removing filter while grabbing.
9. Add keywords constant.
10. Preview a site to be grabbed.
11. Preview HTML code of a site to be grabbed.
12. Preview and remove last keyword.
13. Searching, sorting, calculation and output of keywords to metadata page.
14. All keywords in metadata are unique.
15. The scanning of your webpage prior to including keywords in metadata.
16. Rules of punctuation filtering.
17. At first insert keywords from your pages.
18. Then keywords taken from pages of ratings following.
19. Ratio selection of keywords output, e.g. output of keywords from your site/output of keywords from page rating sites.
20. You can stop grabbing from your pages or from pages ratings.

Script URL: http://www.imperatoris.com