View Full Version : new program includes my asian paysite

11-11-2002, 04:32 PM
i've been around quite a while now, posting a little an reading a lot on boards so a good bunch of you guys know me.
i will release this week an asian paysite (my first :Graucho ) which will be advertised thru a brand new cash proggie...explosivecash.com (http://partner.globill-systems.com/cgi-bin/programrefer.cgi?partnerid=18117r)

this cash program along with my upcomming site proposes various niches such as Fisting, Anal, Young Teens and exclusive content sites. its a 50% recurring partnership and 10% webmasters refferals
there is also a bunch of free content and more sites will be added on regular basis
i will just tell you one thing no to get too long, all the sites are brand new and we all know that new sites always sell like motherfuckers , the beta testing showed it , so take profit of the novelty and thrust your income by joining explosivecash.com (http://partner.globill-systems.com/cgi-bin/programrefer.cgi?partnerid=18117r)

mean while wish me luck with the asian site and give it a try too, it will be added this week

thanks for your attention:thumbsup