View Full Version : Revolutionary Paysite Manager!

10-30-2002, 04:29 PM
Paysite owners, your heyday has come!

Now you may manage even 100 paysites. It's easy, quick and money saving!
With tears in our eyes, we give you a priceless masterpiece - our ""aWIZpaysite" superscript:

1. Any number of sites and member zones on one content base. Each member zone will look different.

2. Say goodbye to free-passwords! No freebie hunter will ever get access to your member zones.
Moreover, all parasites will be redirected where you please! You may post your own free passwords in free-password sites and send traffic to your CJ sites.

3. Testing results showed 20% growth of rebills due to crafty and intricate member zone navigation. Member stays under impression that there are still a lot of things he has not seen. This is made possible by our humble "aWIZpaysite".

As always, script installation and lifetime updates are free.

And a lot of other functions....

Well, paysite owners, it's high time to have a new hobby since all your work may be done by aWIZpaysite!

aWIZ Paysite Manager™ (http://awizsoft.com/direct)