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10-22-2002, 04:38 PM
Hello everyone! I wanted to introuduce myself
we do pay 50% and 5% referral !

The next two minutes could change the direction and profit potential of your Asian traffic.
Japanese speaking customers account for 22% of the online porn industry spending approximately 40 million each year on adult site subscriptions
Statistically only 3% of the Asian market will sign up with non Asian companies.
While affiliate niche sites offering Asian content are converting English speaking customers they leaving behind the vast majority of Asian speaking customers.
DTI Services‘s new Geishacash.com can provide you the tools to offer the following services not just in English, but in Japanese, and Korean!!
• Affiliate programs
• Front doors and banners
• Web Hosting & Design
• Customer service Billing
• Money Transaction Services
• Asian content
At your convenience I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this opportunity at greater length. Let DTI Services & Geishacash.com can get you more profit out of existing traffic. Let’s start converting that Asian speaking and seeking traffic lost into positive revenue!


Marketing Coordinator