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02-28-2005, 08:14 PM
Hey guys:

My site Free Asian Porn & XXX Links is in need of fair link trades. I'm on a fast server and have some good, legal content. Problem is that most of the big link sites won't link to me because I have too much content. Max of 20 to 40 pics! Well F*** them, I like content! If you believe as I do that content is the reason surfers come to a site and stay there long enough to see your sponsor ads and eventually go there and sign-up, then I would really appreciate a fair link exchange. Right now my traffic is laughable, but it won't always be and your links will NOT be taken down on a whim like some other link sites I can name.

If you go to http://www.freeasiannudesexpics.com you'll see that all links are on main page. If you have a high traffic link site you'll get one of those nifty table links you see on the left. If your site is primarily a TGP or content oriented site then you'll get a text link on the right under the "friends" section plus you'll also receive a listing under the category(s) of your choice in the main listings running down the center. Eventually there will be enough links in the main section to justify putting each section on it's own page, but your table link or Friends link will remain on the main page. If you are interested then please review the rules and requested recip on http://www.freeasiannudesexpics.com/webmaster.htm and then email me SmilnJak@cox.net with the appropriate info.

I'll have your link up that same day.


P.S.: Any advice on who to submit galleries to would be greatly appreciated.