View Full Version : coed-lingerie.com needs trades

02-11-2005, 05:19 AM
Looking for some small trades - maybe 50 surfers per day per trade.

Coed-Lingerie.com is a Title-Only Top50 (no site descriptions). Also has thumbnail links to 50 galleries.


Rules on the site are:
1. Only real surfers count (duh)
2. Number next to site name is the # of clicks they've sent.
3. I hate pop-ups. If you add a pop-up hell don't expect to be around for very long UNLESS YOU SEND MASS [active] TRAFFIC.
4. No Illegal titles (keep it clean)
5. No Illegal sites (all models 18+, no warez/password trading/etc, no hate sites, etc)
6. Scoring/Postition/Ranking is based on the previous 24 hours activity

If you are interested in a trade, please sign-up @ http://coed-lingerie.com/webmasters.php