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09-12-2002, 01:33 AM
SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- September 11, 2002 -- NewsGuy.Com has launched a service called "Newsgroups for Webmasters", which offers adult site operators an easy and inexpensive way to bring 30,000 highly trafficked adult discussion groups to their websites.


"Adding content is one of the quickest ways to build and retain customer traffic at a website" said Joe D’Alessandro, Director of Marketing at NewsGuy. "Newsgroups for Webmasters is easily incorporated into any password protected site, and provides web access to a global discussion community that offers over 2 Million text and multimedia postings each day."

While users read, post and download content through a webmaster’s site, the data processing is handled by NewsGuy’s extensive hardware infrastructure. As a result, sites can deliver more content and sustain tremendous traffic, without burdening their local bandwidth and related resources.

The service can be activated 24x7 at the newsguy.com site, and it only takes a few seconds to setup. Additionally, webmasters have complete control of this resource through an Online Admin area:

- Customize the selection of newsgroups available to their users
- Create newsgroups to support and promote their website
- Modify user connection and download limits
- Track usage through access, data transfer and traffic reports

"For as little as $75 a month," said Mr. D’Alessandro "Newsgroups for Webmasters offers a cost effective way to dramatically expand content, build customer traffic, and gain a competitive advantage over other adult websites."


About NewsGuy:

Formed in 1995, NewsGuy provides business-to-consumer and business-to-business services in the forms of: Usenet/Internet News, Newsfeeds, Web Hosting, E-Mail, and Internet Access. NewsGuy has also developed a number of proprietary software applications to support the Usenet and Internet discussion community, including Direct Read News (tm), Spam Hippo (tm), ReplyTrac (tm), Bandwidth on Demand (tm), and a Usenet Search Engine (tm).