View Full Version : Anyone do gay galleries or tgpz?

06-26-2002, 10:16 AM
Whenever I check my stats the sponsors are claiming that the best converting sites are the gay, trannie, shemale stuff. I personally do not care for that kind of content, but I have been thinking about making some test galleries to see if they convert. Another supposedly hot niche is the granny fucking. All this crap turns my stomach, but business is business.

06-26-2002, 11:33 AM
A less saturated market will always convert better. Like niches and now micro-niches witch is a combination of mulitple niches in one like Asian foot fetish, amateur bondage, stuff like that. Gay ain't to saturated, so will convert alot better, and you also got the bi-curious surfers that buy into it, you can even get away with advertising gay on a straight site....I just wouldn't go push it to hardcore if your doing that, but it will work... maybe a link like "You bi-curious? click here".

07-08-2002, 12:54 AM
About a month ago I started building and submitting gay galleries just to gay tgps and not regular tgps with gay categories (that might be next, though).

Unfortunately I was only able to find about 25 gay tgps to submit to that have atelast 1000 hits a day to them.

The results have been very good, much better than I had thought it would be, given that there are on 25 tgps I submit to and they aren't that big. It is just too bad that there are not alot more gay tgps out there to get more traffic.

07-08-2002, 01:54 AM
Yah prob why it does so good too.......the lack of TGPs makes it less saturated.......I think I said that already :lol: