View Full Version : NEW TGP Opportunity, Calling TGP webmasters

09-07-2002, 04:15 AM
HI this is corbu!

okay i have a proposition.

I want to try a new form of TGP

Its a Directory of TGP's, Sort of a TGP for WEBMASTERS OF TGP's

I list TGPS with 10-15 galleries and a submit link all on one page
along with my daily tgp. The TGP webmaster gets priority over everyone else

Whats the catch?
when i used to surf the web for porn i always wish i could place
all my favorite TGP's on one page so i dont have to click so many links.

We are giving the illusion that the surfer can view the top 10-15 links
for every great TGP on one page except that all the galleries submitted are
submitted by the TGP webmasters themselves pushing their own revshare
partnership programs.

You get added exposure and a huge upsell to your galleries.

There is still alot to be worked out on this idea
galleries would be submitted when maybe weekly. TGP listing
would be rotated or listed in order of the amount of hits returned.

There would be a top refferring tgp list.

I see this working more for smaller TGP's Not the big guys in the asian


if you are interested let me know

i would ultimately require a
- link back to my TGP (http://www.cherryasia.com)
- recips on galleries submitted
- maybe forced traffic trading (not sure about this yet)

a few of you have already expressed interest in the idea.

alot of bugs to be ironed out.

This idea may be a failure in the making but maybe not.

if you are interested

- start collecting your gallery links
- recip button (to be placed on cherry asia, see mock up)
- link to submit page or email

send me an e-mail