View Full Version : ONE TIME ANNOUNCEMENT: All Content Providers And Webmasters

09-03-2002, 05:09 PM

For all of you who have heard or were wondering what 4ACP is, well, we are everything 4 Adult Content Providers. What I mean by that is if you are an adult webmaster or adult content provider, www.4ACP.COM is the place to be. My recent discoveries on every adult webmaster chat board is this: "Where can I find this type of content?" or "I need content with this type of model" and "Content Providers Spam Me!!!". With all the requests from adult webmasters looking for content you would figure there would be a place, 1 place, that Content Providers and Adult Webmasters could unite. Well, now there is, www.4ACP.COM has developed a website that will eliminate the long,agonizing, searches for adult content. Whether it is Images, Games, Feeds, Video, CD Content, or any other adult provided content, you will now be able to visit one place to satisfy your needs. Every Adult Content Provider, and every Adult Webmaster, all in one place! Who can ask for anything more?

How does it work? Content Providers will be able to both purchase and sell their content with our system. Webmasters will be only able to make purchases from our system. To place a listing in our system, you must first register as a Content Provider, which is totally FREE. The first 100 Content Providers to join will receive 50 credits which is equal to $50 USD "Not redeemable for cash or trades". Adult Webmasters and Content Providers will be verified by a 4ACP.COM employee. Once verified as a Content Provider you will be able to list your content. Content will be listed for 30 days, which will cost 1 credit per listing, featured listings will cost additional charges. The Content providers will have several choices of payment methods by Adult Webmasters. Delivery of the content lays in the hands of each Content Provider after purchases are made. Content Providers must have PayPal to purchase credits from us. When a purchase is made by an Adult Webmaster, the Content Provider will then be notified by email of the transaction.

4ACP.COM will have featured advertising spaces available for any content provider who wishes to have more exposure to their site. Prices will be listed on the site. Sellers and Buyers will be able to rate each other based on the quality of the product and service supplied. By uniting the adult webmaster with the adult content provider, we wish to make everyones jobs a bit easier, and funner. Lets see if we can all lend a helping hand to UNITE OUR ADULT WORLD! 4ACP.COM