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08-30-2002, 01:00 AM
Just wondering what some webmasters think about the trial membership these days. It's almost starting to feel like the free trial couple years ago, perhaps the trial membership is going to die off? Reason I say this is I feel these days the trial retention is at a all time low not just from what I see but from what I hear from other webmasters.....and now with all the competition in webmaster sponsor programs and huge per-signup pay-outs I feel something has to bust somewhere....I honestly don't see how most the large sponsors can retain at any higher then 25-30% with the product they offer, I understand they have huge member databases but that can only take you so far...or maybe I am wrong.

Also you already see a small trend of webmasters not offering trial memberships, so makes me wonder if we will see more and more moving over to this trend. I myself have already offered my advertisers the ability to link with no trial membership, don't know if it will increase profit but we'll see.

08-30-2002, 01:48 AM
With pay-per-signup sponsors I love trials because I get paid my $35 whether they stay or not but with the Partnership sponsors I've used, besides DreamCash (I gotta love the Japanese :thumb:), I've never had much luck in retaining trials or full memberships. But at least with a full membership I get the larger payout for that one month membership.

If you've read what Ox Cash has to say in their members area they convert and retain best without any trials available... most other programs don't even offer a choice... IMHO I think trials deservedly are on their way out. With more and more people getting cable internet someone with a trial membership can dl all your content in those few days then cancel.

Also, you don't get to watch 10 minutes of a XXX DVD/VHS before you rent it at Source Adult Video so why should you be extended that courtesy online? A bad paysite or a good paysite, either way I think it's a better value then renting a video every week.

If your tour is truly good the surfer should not need to see inside to make up their mind, they should be ready to explode and be entering a CC# with their one free hand.

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08-30-2002, 03:18 AM
Never thought about the faster connections that way but that is a great point.....especially if your hosting your own movie files.

I like the per-signup too, but I doubt they retain any better then those partnerships you tried, if not worse. I bet you a lot of these big guys would love to kill the trial but won't unless everyone or most do it at the same time. Imagine not having to pay 35-50 bux a signup for a $2.95 trial, even if they get less signups they would most likely make way more money :) The advertisers would suffer a bit though., but then again the competition would drive up the payouts and the average persignup would go up from $35 to something nuts like 60-75 or something :) so I guess it would all even out.

08-30-2002, 04:32 AM
I am a free site, so I cannot address the issue of trials. I tried the pay side once, but the client about broke me by not understanding deadlines and that we needed content to sell. (Besides, she gave away 30 passes before we signed our first membership...needless to say, I dumped that!) But Mech brought up a good point. Far too many sites have really lousy tour pages. I am sorry, you can promise gig upon gig of great never before seen...or the largest database of vids, but you gotta give alittle to get.

I get mail all the time asking if I know what is inside of some sites, the visitor just doesn't want to risk $19.99 or more to find he already has seen the sites content. As you all have said, times are getting tougher and the consumer more careful. Too many trash sites out here charging for webcaptures and really non-quality content.

At ALOTI I try to work with pay webmasters/webmistresses to give them a front door with previews of their content. It has worked well for a few of the Ladies and sites I feature. ALOTI never releases the quality member content, just decent teasers to get people interested. I think good promo for sites is the key. Another thing, I will not diss a site in a review, if they aren't good, they will not get my attention. However, if they are a major rip-off, I will say it only after I let the webmaster know my thoughts and give them a chance to explain. I am not in the business to play final judge of sites.

This all said, have you all ever thought of using sites like mine to promote your areas. We will be glad to load galleries, run them through the TGP circuit and try to get traffic. Free sites with quality and no pop BS gain reputation. So if they recommend a pay site, it is generally taken as a good deal. Hell, I have gotten 700,000 views this month of pages I have posted to draw traffic to me. Now I just would like to find a few pay webmasters that would be willing to invest in my promotions for both our benefits.

Seriously, think about it. none of the commercail big businesses run their own ad agencies. Maybe it is time for the Adult communities online to look at using the "Ad Agency" approach on the net. For the most part Partnerships are not that good. A free site webmaster spends hours preparing galleries and adding banners in hopes of seeing a check. Most of the Partnerships don't even offer any decent content as it is! And the stuff they do drives visitors into JAVA hell.

Sorry if I went off a bit, but really, how many quality pay sites are there out here. Many do not want pay to find out. Okay everyone, I said my thing, any opinions. But I think I have a point that needs to be considered. Anyone interested in pursuing the approach?


08-30-2002, 06:33 AM
Well little confused what you want to setup.. You said you want small front door to the paysite.....but this is what tours are for. I am thinking you mean you want to do something like a detailed review of good paysites for your visitors.

As for people who spend hours building galleries and putting banners on them.....well alot of these people make pretty good coin. I have known of some webmaster clearing over $1000 a day doing galleries..also someone on foogie did 23 signups at 50 bux each in one day... Give a webmaster 35-50 dollars per signup and they could care less what they send visitors too, as long as the site converts, and they get paid.....it's all about the bling bling yo :lol:

As for never ending java popups I think they are lame ass, I have no idea why so many paysites do this. I think all it does is train surfers that if they click on a banner/advertisement they are going to be exposed to never ending popups.....this is killing advertising! surfers are just gonna click less and less on banners....It's just plain dumb to keep milking it like this all it does is destroy the industry. But I am a bit of a hypocrite because I am guilty of using some sponsors that use a many exits :( but non the less I do agree that it's annoying and doubt it produces that much income for them. I only use one on my site I think that's enough

We seem to be going off topic again....I think it's a foogie trend to go off topic :lol:

08-30-2002, 07:27 AM

Not setting really anything up, just suggesting the option of using us free sites to do the advertising. You have to admit when a surfer sees a menu option that says Members - Tour - Exit, they generally leave. They want beef. Most tours really suck. The simple fact of a sliced image loading with hot links tells them there are no goodies here and they leave.

Like I said as a free site I get alot of mail over this. (They seem to think as a free site webmaster I have all the answers, I don't) I really do not think visitors to pay sites even care to mail the webmasters, as if they will or can expect to get an answer at all. They figure, it will cost for an answer. Maybe I am wrong, any other free site owners out here with feelings on this subject? But this seems to be the trend developing. The surfers are getting smart to schemes many use to get members.

I just think using a separate ad area would work to drive new memberships. Maybe I am wrong, but it is a pitch option. There are many web-rings set up for member recruitement to sites, why not go one step further and use front free sites to drive the traffic. Is it really such a bad option? Feedback, please. Maybe we can get a new recruitment method means going.


08-30-2002, 07:38 AM
Still bit confused because this is what I do...I drive people from my free sites to my paysite....and my advertisers do the same.

08-30-2002, 07:41 AM
You got it! Use Free sites to drive the traffic. I'd be happy to do it for Pay Sites as a partner.

08-30-2002, 08:38 AM
Oh you want to partner and build a paysite type thing.......split the %

08-30-2002, 09:48 PM
No, not at all, no paysite in the plans. Just staying free and looking to give decent reliable information and links. Finding a few backers would be nice though! :lol:

08-31-2002, 05:44 AM
Al, I think what John is saying, Is let him into your site for a few days.
He'll do an honest, objective review, probably interview you, swipe a
few images and maybe a movie clip, and build a "Paysite Review"
section on ALOTI.
He'll sign up as a partner and sell memberships to your site that way,
rather than the way the rest of us do by posting galleries or having
banners on our TGPs.
If you take a look at ALOTI, this makes perfect sense for him, and you.
He does a really good review, interview, etc.
His links would go directly to the join page, I'm thinking.
I'd give it a shot if I had a paysite that's fer sure. :idea: