View Full Version : 99bb offers 100% Per Sign Up for Month of August

07-25-2002, 11:06 AM
Webmasters who sign up for our Partner Program now, will make $20 Per Sign Up, which is 100% of Revenue in the month of August. This deal is also for existing Affiliate members, who we have to thank for making this deal possible as they are managing to convert visitors at an alarming rate!

With the Launch of our new Broadband Movie content, we have seen a huge increase in members. This has provided us with extra funds, which is why we have decided to increase the Per Sign Up to $20.

Our Site has over 2000 Diverse Movies and therefore can be promoted in numerous niches. The majority of our content is Japanese, but we do offer hardcore European and US Titles as well.

This offer is only for the month of August. Therefore Webmasters need to join before or during August to receive this 100% payment. In September the Per Sign Up payment will go back to the original $15, unless this “100% Sign Up” Trial is a success for both us, and our Partners.

I hope that this increase will prove lucrative for all involved, until we provide more Affiliate Programs in the future.

We do offer free content to assist you in advertising our site.

For more information, Please contact Nao at partner@99bb.com