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05-07-2008, 06:47 PM
LionDollars (http://www.liondollars.com/_be8e7e4ed234e5aac068a5bc26d8c156/) has 4 hot solo girls sites - 2 exclusive girls, 2 front end options to choose from and now a nice sticky content upsell for each of the 4 sites for members areas !!

The "Friend of..." tool for EACH of the solo girl sites is now finished and ready to go. This is simply a page that other sites can use as bonus content and earn upsells to any and/or all of our hot solo girl sites !

Now this is completely referrer based, so what we need from anyone wanting to use these new tools is for you to email us your LionDollars (http://www.liondollars.com/_be8e7e4ed234e5aac068a5bc26d8c156/) account name and also the referring URL for EACH of the sites/places where the "Friends of..." plugins will be linked from

Our system will actually assess the referred url, and then auto append linking codes to the solo girl site to match the webmaster of the referring url (if it is in the allowed list, if it isn't it simply denies access). Pretty cool hey !

Of course some webmasters will have more than one referring url which is also fine.

The content is updated every few days with both movies and pics rotating so should be a nice little bonus section for other solo girl sites with the bonus of a console free upsell in their site! Pictures all update and rotate every 3 days, and all movies rotate and update every 4 days.

Anyways enough blabbering, here is the example:

There will also be a number of banners to provide to solo sites to point to these friends pages and these should be ready by end of week.

A nice little sticky content addition to any members area !
Available for all 4 exclusive solo girl sites:
Your Savanna (http://www.yoursavanna.com/_be8e7e4ed234e5aafe0a151c24d70b68/)
Savanna Lee (http://www.savannalee.com/_be8e7e4ed234e5aa104b10bc0937584b/)
MissPhoenix.net (http://www.missphoenix.net/_be8e7e4ed234e5aa01f861f03e3f1353/)
MissPhoenix.com (http://www.missphoenix.com/_be8e7e4ed234e5aac691f65c09f9b728/)

Remember, all we need is your LionDollars (http://www.liondollars.com/_be8e7e4ed234e5aac068a5bc26d8c156/) ID and a list of you referring URL/s and you are good to go !