View Full Version : Use Your Own Review Site As The Perfect Upsell !

05-01-2008, 09:09 PM
Do you maximize upsells in your members area?
Reviewcash (http://www.reviewcash.com) - hand made free trial or revshare review sites on your OWN domain - can help you !
Just think of it like this. We setup a review directory where we customize it by putting only AA reviews on the index page, plus we push all the AA niche reviews to the top of each niche page.
Check out the different types we offer:
Straight Free Trial and Paid Trial Review Directory - Example:
Straight Revenue Sharing Review Directory - Example:
Gay Free Trial and Paid Trial Review Directory - Example:
Gay Revenue Sharing Review Directory - Example:
This way your surfers get a second chance to join any of YOUR sites via The reviews. If they do not choose you, they are able to choose one of the 14 other sponsors in the same directory. This way you make money from your competitors using Reviewcash (http://www.reviewcash.com) as the middle man.
Bring your own domain (EVERY client get's their own domain !!) into your Own members area in a frameset and the surfer NEVER leaves your site even !!!
Sending traffic also secures YOU as partnered sponsor hence your reviews will always be shown across all affiliate domains plus your sites will be reviewed and given a high rating when added to the affiliate driven review system for KnowYourPorn (http://www.KnowYourPorn.com) and KnowYourGayPorn (http://www.KnowYourGayPorn.com) database which Is being developed for launch in the next few weeks !