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04-22-2008, 05:04 PM
http://www.sextronix.com/images/mail/hentaitv300.jpg (http://www.hentaitv.com)

We are proud to announce the new design of our hentai movie site HentaiTV.com (http://www.hentaitv.com).

We have also added new hosted hentai movie galleries for the site;

Sample Hosted Movie Gallery 1 (http://www.sextronix.com/gal/40000/5/1208346040/)
Sample Hosted Movie Gallery 2 (http://www.sextronix.com/gal/40000/5/1208346073/)

We have hundreds of hosted galleries for this site with descriptions and multi-size hosted thumbs.

Also check our other 80+ sites at Sextronix (http://www.sextronix.com/signup.html?wmid=40000)

Advantages of Sextronix;

- $1 Trials
- Over 80+ Sites to promote
- $30-40 per signup or %60 partnership, weekly payouts,
- We also pay for check and 900 billing sales,
- We track your traffic by IP and cookie (so you do not miss any traffic)
- Console free option,
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- Over 5000 hosted picture and movie galleries,
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- Embedded Flash Movies for your sites, blogs, etc…
- Epassporte payment option,
- Hosted Free Site Generator by simple clicks,
- Hosted TGPs for sending traffic directly

and many more…