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07-19-2002, 06:59 AM
As I am a new member to this forum. I would like to write something that I fimilar with to help other webmasters which run Asian sites. This time, I would like to write a howto to lower your hosting cost. I hope this can useful for everyone :D

More and more webhosting companies offer high bandwidth hosting plan which under $100 or naer $100. If you have linux experiences and if you know how to load balance servers, it will you save you a lot of bandwidth cost. Here is the list of companies which offer some good plans:


I am not affiliate of any of these companies. I just used some of them and heard other people comments fom webhosting talk forum. This forum is solely for hosting professional and I think the comments are more netural than you heard at adult webmaster forum. If you looking for some big deal, look no further and ask someone in this board.

Rackshack is famous, I have 4 servers with them. They have multiple providers. So you don't have to worry your server will get down. The only thing you need is experiences to manage a linux server. Network is fast too.

eservers, I heard people saying great things about them. But never use them. They got 500gig transfer per month, may be I will use them later.

fastservers, they use he.net as their provider. Never use them before but people said they are good.

fdcservers, another low price company. You can transfer as much as you can for a price that below $100. But I think they have too many servers and the speed is a kind of slow. So I just cancel the server.

If your monthly transfer is lower than 400gig, you can just join any of the above companies and pay the low price. If your monthly transfer is higher than 400gig, so what can you do? These companies usually charge you $0.5 -$1.5 overage, so it's not good. Another mehtod is get more servers in order to load balancing the traffic.

You can use Round Robin DNS to load balancing. Although it's not best method. But you can load balancing your traffic across different network and its Free! All you need is change your DNS record to something like:

abc.com A
abc.com A
abc.com A

This will redirect users to different addresses lst above.

So if you transfer 1200gig per month, and if you have 3 servers using Round Robin DNS, you only have to pay around $300 per month. This sound reasonable? I think so :wink:

How about if I transfer 2000 - 3000 gig per month? I suggest you to take a look of your traffic pattern, if most of the time, you are below 10mb/s, I suggest you to use some capped 10mb/s plan which is around $370 - $450. And you can transfer 3200 gig per month for a 10mb/s line.

If anyoe interested, I can write another guide to teach you how to mirror the content across different servers. So every server will have the same content all the times.

Hope this howto can help everyone :D

07-19-2002, 02:10 PM
Half the things I have heard about Rackshack were bad. The price I pay for managed hosting is better than the Rackshack charges anyway.